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At Elite Diamond Cleaning, we strive to use only the best and safest products to clean your home or office. Each of the provided products are all-natural with no harsh chemicals to ensure your home is clean and free of harmful toxins. 


Our provided products are from the Melaleuca company, a leading brand for all natural and eco- friendly products. They rely on innovative scientific research to identify and amplify the many benefits of naturally based ingredients, and use those discoveries to create products that outperform national brands. Our number one goal is always client satisfaction and we stand behind these products, 100%.


Products Used:

Tough & Tender All Purpose Cleaner - Concentrated all-purpose cleaner for everyday dirt and grime for any surface, including natural stone-using no caustic chemicals.


Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x Disinfectant - A patented formula combines thyme oil and citric acid to disinfect all surfaces. 


Sol-U-Mel 3-in-1 Cleaner - Cleaner and deodorizer that gets rid of hard-to-remove stains.


Tub & Tile 12x Bathroom Cleaner - Concentrated cleaner melts away soap scum and hard water stains with minimal scrubbing and no harsh fumes.


Safe & Mighty Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Safe yet effective product that leaves your toilet bowl smelling fresh and clean. 


MelaMagic Heavy-Duty Cleaner - Made for the greasiest, grimiest messes, indoors and out, provides industrial-strength cleaning power without caustic ammonia or chlorine bleach.

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